Garden Path Design

Landscape Consulting

"Mary Jo has such a wealth of knowledge of plants, their size, shape, colors, needs and ability to blend with other plants. She has that rare eye for knowing what to put where, and how it will enhance the overall composition of the garden space. With years of experience under her belt she comes well qualified to offer ideas and solutions on most any situation. I would recommend her wholeheartedly!" - Peter Z.

"Mary Jo came to my house a week ago when we walked around the house looking at areas already planted or to be planted. I was aware from the beginning that she knew a great deal about many plants and where they would be “happy”. I have been “flying blind” for many years with gardening and I was relieved to have her guidance. She had some excellent ideas about transplanting things rather than starting from scratch - and spending a good deal of $ money. I appreciated that. I also felt that she was appreciating my efforts and her suggestions have already been put to good use in my gardens. She visualizes as she walks though the gardens and includes many suggestions of plants as well as various planters, trellises etc. to add to the effect of the plantings. " - Barbara K.

"Mary Jo was incredibly helpful in crafting a garden design that included all the elements I desired. She was very knowledgeable in offering appropriate perennial choices that would complement the hardscape design." - Martha Favre

"Best $100 I have ever spent" - Dr. Kate Atkinson