Garden Design

In addition to Landscape Consulting,  I offer a more complete Design Program.  If you choose this service, you and I will first work together during a landscape consultation to determine your priorities and vision.  Then, if you wish, I will take an area of your landscape and provide you with a site plan for plants and hardscape using Realtime Landscaping Architect software.  You will receive a list of plants and materials with planting and care instructions.  It will cost you a small fraction of the cost of hiring a landscape architect.  Please see the example below.

Hampshire Athletic Club HAC       After a fire and the pandemic, HAC two front gardens were filled with weeds.  HAC's owner had checked with a number of landscapers and gotten high priced quotes.   I was able to do a plan for him and he was then able to buy the plants and have them installed for around 20% of the quoted cost from landscapers. This landscape was designed to be appropriate for a business with low maintenance plants that do not grow too big and plants in bloom most of the year.   I have also done more creative landscapes such as a meditation garden and a soft, flowing front yard.