Garden Path Design

Landscape Consulting

Mary Jo Maffei

I have been gardening since I was a teenager, but started gardening seriously when my husband, Jeff, and I built a home in Southwestern Ohio 30 years ago. I love garden design and have read extensively and taken many seminars. I would love to help you create your own beautiful outdoor space.

Garden design starts with thinking about three-dimensional space and the relationships between spaces and how you interact with your environment. When I help someone evaluate their landscape, I work to match the gardener's style with the garden--formal or informal, constrained or lush. How do you use your yard? Which windows do you look out of most often? What time of day or year are you in the garden? Do you love spending time nurturing and maintaining the garden or would you prefer a low-maintenance landscape? I am passionate about beautiful and functional garden design and would love to share this with you.